Story Starters

Story Starters

Alone- The boy was crying in the dark, all Alone nobody to be seen.

Cloak- The king wore a different Cloak every day.

Gone- The boy went to the park at 5:00pm and was supposed to come back at 6:00pm but he didn’t come back, he was Gone.

Toe- Mike was scuba diving and stepped on a stone fish, a fish the has poison on spikes on its back which made Mike have a really bad Toe.

About me

Hi I’m Kai AKA the razzler I’m a sporty kid that likes ⚽️🎣🏀🚵🏻‍♂️, my favourite subjects in school are sport, math, history and design and tech. I live in Australia, WA and my dream is to make AFL for the Fremantle Dockers and hopefully win them a premiership cup if they don’t win won before I join them.

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